Hubba Hubba, A Splash of Swedish Charm

Hubba Hubba Cider captures the effervescent spirit of Sweden in a can, delivering a crisp, refreshing drink experience. The brand was built from the ground up, reflecting a blend of playful sophistication and the joyous simplicity of sipping a fine cider.

The essence of Hubba Hubba lies in its ability to balance a playful brand personality with the sophistication of a premium cider. The White Grape variety, featured in a vibrant splash on the packaging, promises a tantalizing taste that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

The can design mirrors the lively spirit of the brand with a bold color palette and a dynamic graphic of the cider splash. This visual storytelling not only captures the imagination but also entices the taste buds, inviting consumers to experience the zest of life with every sip.

Drawing inspiration from Sweden’s design legacy, Hubba Hubba presents a clean, minimalist look with an edgy twist. The typeface and layout on the can are meticulously crafted to reflect modern Scandinavian simplicity, making the cider stand out in a crowded market.

From concept to fruition, Hubba Hubba was conceived with an eye for detail and a vision for creating a lasting brand. The packaging is not just a container but a canvas that conveys the brand’s story, its Swedish heritage, and its commitment to quality, making Hubba Hubba synonymous with a premium cider experience.